Daulat Khan

Daulat Khan
   He was raised by fellow nobles to the throne on the death of Mahmud Shah Tughlaq in 1412. Daulat Khan as a ruler was more in the position of the head of a military oli-garchy. His position was strengthened when two military leaders, Mubariz Khan and Malik Idris, also opted to support him. Shortly af-ter his rise to rulership, Daulat Khan led an expedition to Katehr and received the submission of local chiefs there. But, subsequently, his position was weakened by Ibrahim Shah Sharqi's expansionist drive that led to an advance into Kalpi. Daulat Khan could not take any measures to force Ibrahim Sharqi to withdraw from Kalpi. Taking advantage of this situation, Khizr Khan, the governor of Mul-tan, advanced upon Delhi and forced Daulat Khan to surrender the capital to him on 23 May 1414. Daulat Khan was put to death by Khizr Khan.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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